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What’s Big Coming in 2021 From Reliance Jio

Some big announcements are made in Reliance Industries Ltd.’s 43rd Annual General Meeting and Yes Jio has finally made India’s complete 5G solution from scratch. It is a fully homegrown technology and will be ready for field deployment in the next year and the Trial for the same will be started shortly. They also declared that 5G services provided will be globally accessible. Along with the launch of 5G, they’re also launching some cool products that support this 5G Technology such as Jio Tv+, Jio 5G Smartphones, Jio Educational Platform, Jio Glass, and Jio Mart.

Jio has attracted a lot of investments from giants like Facebook, Intel, Google, and many more. With these strong partnerships, they’re coming with these cool products. The total investment they’ve received is said to be about more than 1,50,000 cr.

Lets talk about the products:

  1. Jio TV+: Are you tired of handling all your OTT platform subscriptions like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc,.So Jio has come up with a unique solution of combining all these OTT platforms in one platform. Jio TV+ combines all the OTT platforms and the user has to take only one subscription to enjoy movies and web-series. TV+ includes features of unified search and voice search options, so you can enjoy seamlessly.
  2. Jio 5G smartphone: The 2nd big announcement is about launching budget-friendly 5G supported smartphones made in India. This smartphone will be made available at a fraction of cost. Jio and Google are developing an android based OS that can be made available at an affordable cost.
  3. Jio Education: Jio has partnered with Embibe which provides Free learning content and AI-powered personalized recommendations to help in learning.
  4. Jio Glass: This will be a revolutionary cool product Jio will be Launching. This will be an Augmented reality solution use to make video calls, 3d holographic/virtual meetings. As Augmented Reality is in the development stage, Jio has already designed a product for its applications. Its weight will be approx 75 grams, including the high-resolution display and personalized audio experience.
  5. Jio Mart: Jio Mart is an Indian online grocery delivery service started as a joint venture between reliance retail and Jio Platforms. Jio mart delivers grocery and daily essentials from nearby shops. They’re widening this service using Whatsapp for making orders, due to the COVID-19 situation this service had been served in some parts of Mumbai.

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