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Spotify Playing Ads After Every Song? Issue Acknowledged And Fix Incoming

Whenever we think about music, Spotify is the one that comes into my mind. It is the most popular music streaming service on this planet. Whereas, Apple is holding half the number of subscribers compared to Spotify. Its popularity is no doubt due to its slick user interface and smartest discovery algorithms.

However, a large part of revenue comes from Premium services. In addition to free services, you’ll get offline add-free music. Which is surprisingly at a quite reasonable rate. But obviously, not every active user is a premium subscriber. Such users help in building revenue through pop-up ads in between. But lately, users have complained that Spotify is forcing them to listen to ads after every song.

“Seriously what’s going on, I’m being punished with like 3-5 ads after each song. it used to be that I could get like around 5 songs in before the next ad but this is ridiculous. Is this like a cache thing or did they just amp the ads up to 100% in the last update to get all the Spotify free users to upgrade or leave?


Moreover, it’s not a single ad. Users have experienced putting up with multiple ads. Also, these play even when skipping songs so there’s no respite. Usually, you’ll experience one or two ads between 2-5 songs.

Thankfully, Spotify has acknowledged the issues. Developers are working on the same and hopefully, we will get a fix soon. Spotify has confirmed it as a bug and told that they are not deliberately playing those ads. In the meantime, you can perform a re-install or clear the app’s cache.

SOURCE: Twitter

But I doubt it’ll help as the issues are from the servers themselves so we must wait for Spotify developers to fix it.

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