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How to get better at PUBG and how to win with these easy tips?

Player’s Unknown’s Battleground is a hardcore game for action seekers. So, it has all the risks and challenges you can ever want. The game mechanics are tricky, but we can say that the weapons are exciting to use. 

But if you want to win, you must horn your skills and equip yourself with incredible tricks, tips, and even pubg aimbot. Being a PvP shooter game, you must fight to remain alive with the other four players. That’s where the challenge comes because fighting with other 100+ players and emerging the winner is not easy. 

But don’t worry! This article contains the information and tips to get better and win with others. Check them below. 

How to play and win in PUBG

  1. Fine-tune your Sensitivity Settings 

If you want to play this game better, you must know how to aim accurately. So, one of the things you can do to improve is the sensitivity of your mouse. High means the speed of mouse movement, but lower means more accuracy in your aiming. 

Try to balance both levels. You don’t want to compromise on the speed of your cursor, but you also don’t want to shoot randomly. So, check other professional players to know what levels they’re using to play. It will help you a lot. 

  1. Don’t land carelessly.

What we call careless here is landing into areas where many players are already waiting. This is why professionals recommend a faster landing to reach the ground before others. But if you miss it, try landing away from those trigger-happy players. 

That way, you can get your bearings before bullets start flying at you unless you’re a professional or just there for the thrills and not the kills. In such a case, you can land anywhere and fight it out with everyone. 

  1. Practicing helps a lot.

One way to get better at anything is through practice. Thankfully PUBG offers a practice range to help you out. So, why not use this tool to improve your style. At least you can engage in all kinds of confrontations, fights, situations to improve your strategy. After putting yourself through these situations, it will become easier to face them in-game. 

Another important thing is to use all kinds of weapons during practice. Also, try all shooting styles, including running and shooting, shooting at targets in motion, and shooting from multiple ranges. Also, practice both long and short-distance shots to know what to expect in the game. 

  1. Choose your weapons right

 Your defense in the game is your weapons. If you’re sloppy with them, expect poor performance. So, when picking, know the ones that work for each situation and make your choices. For instance, don’t pick SMGs when you’re planning for long-range shots. Also, don’t pick a shotgun or pistol for long-range shots either. 

A pistol or shotgun is for short-range confrontations, while an SMG deals more damages in tight spaces. So, try to vary your choices. You can pick one SMG and one assault rifle for different situations. Check out the Uzi for close-range confrontations and AWS for dealing sniper shots on your enemies. 

No matter what you pick, don’t ever go for two pistols or two shotguns in the game. That’s a useless combo. 

  1. Don’t be too aggressive. 

If you can achieve a balance between aggressive and defensive playstyle, you might live to the end. We understand the zeal to rush in all the time. But sometimes, it’s best to sit back and take a little more time to aim better and shoot correctly. 

When you’re too aggressive, enemies can still take you unawares. In such situations, you won’t ever achieve an accurate shot. But when you’re a bit calm, you will take time to analyze situations before jumping into fights. 

  1. Avoid Open Spaces 

If you really want to make it to the end, never be an easy target. One of the things to do is to avoid open spaces. But when you find yourself in an open place, run zigzag to take cover. Don’t run straight to avoid bullets. Also, please don’t stop to return fire at the enemy. You won’t succeed because the shooter already has a better advantage over you. 

As you run, keep searching for cover. This could be buildings, bridges, hills, or even ditches. Once you locate any, run as fast as you can to it. 


If you prepare adequately, nothing stops you from performing well in PUBG. Who knows, you can even win many matches anytime you play. The game might be challenging and risky, but if you follow the right strategy, tips, and tricks, you can win too. 

Don’t forget that you can simplify the game with professional tools, as we said earlier. So, if you want to catch fun and still win the chicken dinner, follow our guide. 

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