Duex: Dual Screen Laptop Monitor to Boost Productivity

Have you ever imagined a plug-and-play solution for your laptop that can boost your productivity? Yes, today we have come up with such an accessory that will help you sky-rocket your productivity. Duex is a portable multi-screen laptop accessory. The screen is designed in such a way that one can easily attach it to the back of laptop and do multitasking.

Duex is manufactured by Mobile Pixels. It features a one-of-a-kind design, with a casing that fits nicely on the back of your laptop and slides out, allowing you to keep your laptop’s display connected. Mobile Pixels Duex is famous among professionals as it offers them multi tasking support on the go.


The 13.3″ full HD display monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9. You can connect the device with your laptop or smartphones with USB-C or USB-A cables. The portable monitor weights only 0.7kg. You can use it for presenting, business, teaching, as well as for any kind of mobile work. With a 270° rotation, it allows for flexible rotation and dual-sided sliding. Unlike other portable monitors that come with a stand, Duex is ready to fit in your device itself with an optional stand too. The rotation is featured by G-sensor. The device is manufactured with durable PC-ABS plastic and robust aluminum alloy.

The portable monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz which makes it sub-par for gaming. The device is compatible with Microsoft PCs, macOS, Linux, Android smartphones (Android 5 or newer), as well as Nintendo switch.

The screen homogeneity of the Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus is exceptional. The corners of the screen are a little darker than the centre, but the filthy screen effect is nearly non-existent. The consistency is considerably greater in near-black settings, with no visible flaws.


The Duex Plus has an amazing text clarity with almost zero input lag. The portable plug and play monitor provides narrow color gamut. Several checks suggests that there is no image retention in the monitor with a good gradient handling.

How to plug-and-play?

Simply connect the second monitor with your laptop by either USB-C or USB-A cables, then install the Duex driver, it will install automatically in case of windows and need to be installed from app store in case of macOS and boom, you are good to go.

What makes the monitor unique?

The compact size is the USP of the device. It doesn’t need a stand, it can be directly attached to the back of your laptop. The device is durable with 270 degree rotation.

How to use Duex?

  1. Place the magnetic adhesives that comes with the portable monitor on the back of your laptop.
  2. Now, place the Duex portable monitor on the adhesive.
  3. Plug in the USB and slide out the monitor.

Final Words

The portable monitor will be a great addition to your laptop if you are looking to do multi tasking and to boost up your productivity. The monitor is cheaper and available at a cost of $299.99. It is a clean, sexy accessory to your laptop.

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