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Huawei Steals Trade Secrets and Spies on Pakistan Nationals?

A US-based software company Business Efficiency Solutions LLC has sued China’s tech giant Huawei in California Federal Court for stealing sensitive information including trade secrets of a project for the Pakistan Government. The LLC firm also accused Huawei of creating a backdoor to steal information crucial for National security, reported Reuters.

Both BES and Huawei worked on a $150 million project to provide new technology for law enforcement in Lahore city of Pakistan. BES has developed eight softwares to collect various sensitive information including control access to buildings, drone managers, as well as valuable trade secrets.

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Huawei asked BES to send code, diagrams, designs, and other sensitive information to Beijing for a trial purpose, BES agreed to the demand and sent the code but as soon as Huawei revoked BES access to its testing lab, BES terminated Huawei authorization. Huawei further demanded full access to Lahore Safe City Project by saying they had the Pakistan government approval to do so.

BES also mentioned in the complaint that Huawei has not uninstalled the software as well as not returned the software to BES which it agreed to. Meanwhile, Huawei has not commented on the matter yet.

Huawei used the software as a backdoor from China into Lahore to gain access, manipulate, and extract sensitive data important to Pakistan’s national security.

The Complaint mentioned

CyberSec firm FireEye said that Beijing used its cyber tools to spy on many Middle East Countries. In a similar incident last week, China hacked multiple private and public servers of Israel for business purposes.

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