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Narco Drones Got Caught Delivering Drugs to a Prison in Chile

Earlier people used to fascinate about future, indeed it’s amazing but technology in wrong hands is devastating. The quadcopter or drone you are seeing in the image was recently discovered being used to smuggle drugs into a prison in Chile.

Over the walls of the oldest penitentiary, prisoner accomplices were using drones to smuggle drugs. It’s 178 years old penitentiary. Also, it is one of the country’s most crowded prisons. Three inmates are already serving for drug trafficking. But still, they are the major culprits for all of these events. An investigation found that they are running a distribution network behind the bars. In addition, they are sanctioned for allegedly possessing cellphones and drugs while in prison.

However, the Chilean inmates are far from the first group to use drones to trade behind the prison walls. In fact, this scheme is a way for many prisoners back from 2013. The use of drones to smuggle contraband into prisons represents a larger trend of criminal groups around the world. Earlier this month, authorities in Spain seized the largest drug drone ever. A French gang was the mastermind behind all this. The drone is capable of holding over 300 pounds of cargo. In addition to a wingspan of roughly 14 feet. Moreover, it can fly for more than 7 hours with a top speed of up to 100mph.

As a result, we can easily conclude that drones in the wrong hands are a deadly piece of technology. Government should take strict actions against unauthorized drones. The license must be a necessity to fly these things.

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