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Why There is no Social Media Agency Works For Tesla?

Tesla! We all know about it right! The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about Tesla is electric cars. There are other industries manufacturing electric cars as well, but let’s not talk about them, and dive right into the valid point. Yes, we know why you are here. You are eager to know and analyze the smartest brain that works upon Tesla and its unique and social media influence. You might have a question that Why There is no Social Media Agency Works For Tesla.

Below is a graph showing the total mentions across social channels of 29 of the world’s biggest car brands:

Why There is no Social Media Agency Works For Tesla
Auto brands’ performance with regard to mentions – the inclusion of brand name.
Social marketing strategy – data source: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter 23 July – 19 August 2017.

 The ultimate social media CEO?

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk is truly a definition of a charismatic leader, and every CEO should be influenced by his outrageous and flamboyant style through which he manages Tesla and SpaceX, and his social media presence makes him a truly genuine person for every person to follow. While most brands play it safe, Elon Musk shares his thoughts, often very random ones, and posts things that are funny especially memes, he even thinks memes control the world, he tweeted once in his post.

Some posts of him are even controversial and sometimes even it damages the reputation of himself and the reputation of Tesla. But this shows itself, how genuine a person is he, who wants to avoid contradiction and follow what is the truth. He posts tweets about his own personal life, about his political views next to Tesla, or on promotions related to SpaceX tweets.

What makes him more honest is that he replies to almost every tweet posted by Tesla’s owners and even retweets people’s opinions.

Seriously!!!! 🧓How many CEO’s out there personally apologize for the delay in the delivery dates!

Reason to Why There is no Social Media Agency Works For Tesla

So,whats in the climax!

It’s these positive keys that makes Tesla’s social media presence grow:

1. Communicates with social media users interactively.

2.Posts memes and what seems like shower thoughts.

3.Shares good as well as bad stuffs. 

4.Strives to solve real world problems.

This may come as a surprise but Tesla is in fact not the leading Electric vehicle maker. In the first quarter of 2017, the Renault-Nissan Alliance sold around 50% more vehicles than Tesla. So why does Tesla appear to be spotted out of the blue? Well, let’s analyze the stats and figures. First of all, it’s all because of the CEO’s personality and more specifically, the actions that he takes, be it any platform. Another fact is the social media presence, most of the car companies have large advertising budgets that are used to promote their vehicles through paid marketing assets such as television, print, and billboards, while Tesla uses a more organic approach to advertise by leveraging popular social media platforms. Estimated according to stats and figures, mostly 25% of all conversations about electric cars on social media are connected to Tesla.

Due to the skill of innovation and engineering a priority, Tesla and it’s CEO is only at the forefront of future success.

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