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Top 5 Wireless Routers for 2021 in India

At the present date, we cannot even imagine a single day at our home without an internet connection. Good internet connection is a daily necessity of almost each and every household today. And this time of pandemic and lockdowns have boosted the market of internet routers a lot. But, on the other hand, it is also a very hectic task to find a perfect wireless router. It depends on our internet demands and necessities. Now, due to the limited number of models being available in India, it is our duty to find and buy the perfect one. We are here with the top 5 wireless routers for 2021.

Now, before buying a Wi-Fi router our major concern should be the approximate number of devices that will gain an internet connection using the device. And the second and most important thing that shouldn’t be missed out is the speed and bandwidth of the connection required. Depending on these two factors one can easily guess out the model of wireless routers required.

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Top 5 best wireless routers

So, here we bring the top five hand-picked best wireless routers available in India.

TP- Link Archer C7 AC1750


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This router comes with a dual-band feature that provides 5GHz and 2.4 GHz of bandwidth respectively. It also has 4-gigabit ports and one additional USB port.

TP- Link N300


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Offering a phenomenal maximum speed of 300 Mb/s. This device also comes with an additional feature of parental control, making it a perfect device to be used at home. This wireless router can be the best wireless routers for you.

D-Link DWR-920V


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This wireless router supports the 4G LTE connectivity. And also its magnificent design makes it very attractive to look. This device also supports 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz.

JioFi 4 JMR1140

jio-wireless-routers-in 2021

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This device comes with additional battery support and the only reason that makes it a portable wireless router. It offers a maximum internet speed of 150 Mb/s.

ASUS AX- 11000 GT


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This tri-band router provides speed up to 11000 Mb/s. The eight external strong antennas give it a monstrous look. It comes with in-built AI- protection.

Thus, these were the five most reliable and fantastic out of all wireless routers available in India.


So, this was the list of some of the top 5 wireless routers tell us in the comments how much you loved our post on best wireless routers.

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