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Signal and Telegram Seeing Huge Waves of New Users Amid WhatsApp Privacy Row

Since the change in WhatsApp Privacy policy, Signal and Telegram seeing huge waves of new users amid WhatsApp Privacy Row. The new WhatsApp policy says that it would share the user data with the parent company Facebook. If you are an existing user of either Telegram or Signal, then you might be getting loads of notifications of your contacts signing up.

The rise in new sign-ups after Elon Musk’s tweet advising his followers to use Signal. And the little advice causes Signal’s servers to overload due to massive new sing-ins. The number was so massive that several verification codes with several network providers were getting delayed.


The WhatsApp rival took to Twitter to confirm that it was getting many new requests for new sign-ins. On Twitter, Signal highlighted the issue and also assured that they will resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Signal and Telegram seeing huge waves of new users after the new policy update of WhatsApp


Signal has observed a 79% increase from India in the period January 1 to January 6 compared to December 26 to December 31. Also, Signal has tweeted that the app has listed in the top free app on Apple’s App Store charts in India.

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Apart from Elon Musk, whistleblower Edward Snowden recommended Signal. He replied to a tweet of a user asking why to use Signal. He replied, “Here’s a reason: I use it every day and I’m not dead yet.”


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Apart from Signal, there is a marginal increase in Telegram during the six-day period compared to the week. However, Telegram is more popular in India and the ranking of Telegram steadily rose over the past few days.

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