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WhatsApp Messenger Starts Reminding Users to Accept Updated Privacy Policy to Continue Using App

WhatsApp Messenger is the most used social messaging platform owned by Facebook. It can easily be said for a fact that most smartphone users use WhatsApp. Due to its new privacy policy update, many of the users concerning about their privacy moved to other messaging platforms. Now WhatsApp has started reminding the users to accept the updated privacy policy.

After the Issue of the new privacy policy, WhatsApp pulled it back and extended the February Due Date to accept it till 15th May. As the date pulls closer, The Messenger has started reminding people to accept the updated privacy policy’s terms. The Company has said that the users that don’t accept the terms will have to lose access to the platform. Such users will lose access to their accounts.

Users on Twitter have posted screenshots of the Reminder from WhatsApp.

Screenshot of Reminder from WhatsApp Messenger.
Reminder from WhatsApp Messenger.

Amid the concern of private data being shared, WhatsApp has repeatedly said that no personal chats will be accessed and no personal data will be shared. the new privacy policy only applies to Chats with Business accounts and private chats that are end to end encrypted will be safer as usual.

Twitter Users Sharing their views about the privacy policy.

Although people have been ditching WhatsApp Messenger, the company hasn’t yet changed its privacy policy. Telegram has garnished over 500 million active users meanwhile and has put out an option to import WhatsApp chats on Telegram with a click of the button.

WhatsApp has been trying to get the users to understand the new privacy policy during the extension of the deadline. Many people have suggested that moving to Other Chat Platforms will be a better choice but the simplicity of WhatsApp is unbeatable. The users who have accepted the new policy will have no risk to their account and if we take the words of WhatsApp, no data will be shared if you don’t interact with business accounts.

If you are trying to wait out till 15th May, we suggest you try finding an alternative and see how things play out. Here are the details about the new policy.

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