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Xiaomi’s New Phone With A Quad Waterfall Display

Xiaomi is an innovative company, last time the Mi Mix Alpha was based on the same concept but this new phone is a bit different, you get a screen literally on the front and the back. As per the videos leaked it is clear that the phone is port less meaning that the phone can charge wirelessly only. This also means that no wired data transfer can be done.

The real question over here is how does this concept make sense practically. We have seen in Samsung edge smartphones, curved displays are not that useful practically. It makes the phone much more breakable and difficult to repair. The screen on two sides means a touch screen will be present on both sides. That means it will be quite difficult to use the phone. Battery consumption will be almost double as there are dual screens. Xiaomi also needs to take care of heat dissipation as the phone has just a small rim on the sides that hold the two screens together. There are also no physical power button and volume rocker. Let us see whether Xiaomi launches this phone or not.

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