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Legacy Edge Browser to be Uninstalled by Microsoft across all Windows 10 devices

With the launch of the new Chromium Based Edge Web browser, Microsoft is ending its support for the legacy version of the default browser that was installed in windows 10. All of this will be conducted by a cumulative update in April.

The New Edge Browser has been gaining popularity since its release last year. Mainly because it is based on The Open Source Chromium Project, and it is considered less of a RAM Hogger than its competitors. The Edge browser was the replacement for the Internet Browser for windows 10 as it came pre-installed on the Operating System.

The News for the Update comes from Microsoft’s Blog. Microsoft had already announced in August 2020 that it would be ending support for The Old Edge Browser in March. The 9th of March to be exact, as after this they were not going to supply security updates for it. So to give an in-place and apparently a better replacement, Microsoft is Replacing The Legacy Edge Browser for Desktop with the Newer Edge.

Microsoft Boasts the Edge is safer for businesses than Chrome. You can Read More about it on The Post by Microsoft but all we can say is it is better than The Legacy version at least. Edge has recently been updated with some privacy features in the 88’th version.

If you have been living under a rock for the last of a few years and still use the Older version of Edge, all of your data will be migrated but you will have to set up your kiosk mode in the newer version. If you already have the newer Edge, Only the removal of the legacy version will occur and it will be replaced by the Newer Version.

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