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PUBG is Coming To PS5 and XBOX Series X/S

The ultimate Royale Gaming Sensation PUBG(Player’s Unknown Battle Ground) is launching next-generation Playstation and Xbox consoles soon. PUBG corporation stated that users who currently own the game on their current generation consoles like Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro will be able to play the game on the new generation consoles as well with no extra cost.

As stated by the PUBG Corp. blog post, the game will be available in the new generation consoles from next month, November 10 and it will be available from Day one. Players can do all the necessary adventures in the game but it won’t come with too graphical improvements with the new upgrade.

This is because the Xbox series X game will leverage the Xbox One X game build, and Xbox series S will leverage the Xbox One S game build. So accordingly, Xbox Series X will run at 60FPS and Xbox series S will run at 30FPS. The PS5 game will also use the PS4 Pro game build, which apparently runs at 60FPS.

Xbox series S and PS5 players will have to select the Frame Priority Option to run at 60FPS, a new setting that comes with the new Update 9.1

Game Stability?

According to the latest Patch notes, the game is found to be extremely smooth, stable with faster loading and no frame drops are encountered. While the fans might be disappointed to notice that not much improvements have been made with the new upgrade, the company states that this was just a next-generation upgrade and the company is pretty happy and confident about the upgrade as it provides a smooth and seamless experience to the Xbox and Playstation players with no frame drops.

Well! A piece of very happy news, PUBG corporation states that in addition to the next generation upgrade, cross-generation multiplayer will also be on support with Players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X/S be available to squad up together with their consoles and can achieve a tasty chicken dinner.

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