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PUBG Airtel Deal? PUBG Coming Back to India?

There are new coming up that PUBG Mobile might come back to India. After the PUBG Mobile ban in India. There is lots of sadness going around. PUBG responding to this broke up all the links with Tencent Games so as to get unbanned. They were searching for an Indian Company to collab with so that they can restart all their services back in India. Initially, news started coming up that it would collab with Jio to restart all their services in India. Now the news is coming up that PUBG is going to make a collab with Airtel.

The News regarding the deal with Jio is still not known if there were some disagreement between the two companies, i.e between PUBG and Jio. Or if it even exists.

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Airtel is also a very big Telecom company in India. And there is news that how after collaboration with Airtel, PUBG will restart all their services back and India. Another news is that PUBG Corporation is planning to build its team in India. Where the hiring process is going on. Indian People will become a part of their team, and planning to start afresh operation in India. Isn’t that great news?

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Now, That our government has banned PUBG, it was not only because of Chinese relations, Of course, that is one of the factors but there are other factors as well, like young people spending lakhs of their parent’s money in in-game purchases.

Suicide Cases After Ban

Initially, there were cases where Youngsters killed themselves or their family members for their family members saying not to get so addicted to the game. There were cases where players got addicted and left eating and sleeping and as a result cost their lives. Based on these kinds of factors our Government has banned PUBG mobile in India. Which I think is not the fault of the game, Now, even if you are sick and take medicine it is good but taking overdose is definitely not good and will have their own side effects. It is the Players who need to routine themselves. I Just wish no new news of suicide comes up after reading this post. (Just for a Joke) I know we have a mature audience reading this post.

Coming back to PUBG, It will have to clean up everything and have a Fresh Start. PUBG has to convince the government, that for whatever reasons they got banned, those reasons do not exist and that with this is a completely new fresh start, They are launching the game.

Jio or Airtel?

Now, we do not know exactly what the future is going to be, Who knows Jio might just suddenly Jump into the deal again or now is it all up to Airtel. But being a PUBG player, I just want PUBG to come back to India. No matter it comes with Jio or Airtel or any other companies. I just want it to come back so that we can officially play PUBG again. It has won a special place in our hearts and no other game is taking its place. PUBG brought a revolution in the gaming Industry.

In this case, lets us know your thoughts about PUBG in the comments below. What do you feel will it return? and if yes, How do you want it to return? With Jio or with Airtel? or have Among Us taken the place of PUBG in your heart or which game have you started playing after the PUBG ban? Or if you have downloaded the Korean version of PUBG? Please let us know all of your thoughts.


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