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Russian President Putin Still Uses Vunerable Windows XP

In the era of continuous cyber attacks and hacking, Russian President, Putin still uses the obsolete windows XP. In his office at the Kremlin and at his official Moscow residence images shows that he still uses the age-old XP operating system.

Security updates in windows XP are stopped back in April, 2014. As per the report from Open Media, the desktop background has the Kremlin tower on it. Windows XP are vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Russia’s Internet Protection Society confirmed that Putin uses XP. Microsoft Windows XP was the last allowed operating system for Government agencies by Russian Government.

Russia is eradicating operating system, browsers to decrease foreign influence. Now, Russia will minimize the use of Microsoft windows and shift to Russia’s Astra Linux operating system. Not only this, after the passing of Sovereign Internet law, Russia isolates its internet policies. Russia will use Yandex browser, a domestic one.

Russia is working on its own wikipedia as well as Russian Apps will come pre-installed in smartphone devices for monitoring else smartphone selling is banned.

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