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Oral B Launched New AI-Enabled Brush to Help You Brush Better

Oral B launched its new Rs. 15,600 AI-based Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush. The toothbrush will use AI to let you know how you are brushing and what do next for a clean and clear brushing.

The premium toothbrush will connect to an app via Bluetooth. During brushing, it will tell you how long you’ve been brushing that particular area and instruct you to where should brush next.

The toothbrush works on the Genius X AI algorithm that gets data from embedded sensors in the brush. The sensors captured the position and the timer calculate how to proceed further through the app. It suggests where you should brush better and not only this but it also rate your brushing sense.

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Genius X is one of a kind as it is not the first smart brush from Oral B but yeah the algorithm it used is far better than the previous brushes.

oral b genius x ai toothbrush

The AI-based toothbrush is receiving much praise from tech experts. There is a premium case charger that charges both your brush and smartphone. At least, you will receive something extra with this costly AI brush but critics suggest that the price is much higher and people will receive better dental hygiene twice a year with the same budget.

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