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10 Million iOS and Android Users’ Affected by Malicious Apps

Both iOS and Android get affected by several malicious apps as two different reports are on the internet affecting over 10 million people globally.

Wandera, a software-as-a-service company has identified 17 malicious apps on the Apple App Store that installs Malwares on iOS-based devices as reported by Popular Mechanics.

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The malware is named as Clicker Trojan Malware (in this case, adware) as they communicate with a command. Its main purpose is to generate advertisement revenue for the creators as the trojan controls the server to simulate app users’ interactions. The trojan specifically opens and closes advertisement tabs in the background to generate advertisement revenue.

One funny thing to note here is that all the 17 apps are listed from various countries but they all lead back to the same developer: AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in India.

The affected apps are as follows:

Many of the above-mentioned apps are already being removed from the app store while there are few still left. If you get subscribed to any only service result in any charges then you must uninstall the above-mentioned apps for better.

Android is also affected!

ESET, Internet security company identified a bunch of 42 similar adware apps on Google Play Store that are stealing users’ data and generating advertisement revenue without any sort of permission, mentioned Hindustan Times.

When a user launches the app, It will steal and send your device type, free storage space, battery status, OS version, language, number of installed apps, device root status and Developer mode enability, and Facebook Apps installations.

The app receives configuration data from the command and control server (C&C) server, needed for displaying ads, and for stealth and resilience.

Security researcher Lukas Stefanko

The firm claimed that a student from the Vietnamese university may be behind these affected apps. The apps also create their shortcuts and when you delete them, they will still be running behind the curtains without your knowledge.

The adware related threats are gaining much popularity on both iOS and Android as it will result in many gains!

If you are affected by any of such apps then remove them immediately for better and write about them to us at for further removal actions.

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