Factors to Consider While Developing Android Apps

Google Play Store is the biggest app store in the world with the highest number of Android apps. This is why android app development company strive to develop the best app to deploy the market and stay ahead of the competition. If you are on to developing an Android app, know all the latest trends and important factors before you dive into development. 

Factors to Consider While Developing Android Apps

Must consider 5G 

Apparently, 5G technology is much faster in comparison to 4G. There are many factors behind this. Specifically, the greater radio frequency and superior speed at 100 Gbps make the technology significant. In fact, there are over 1.4 billion devices on this technology over the globe.  

In comparison with 4G networks, 5G technology is quicker, which is unthinkable. With the high radio frequency and the speed of 100 GBPS, 5G technology reaches the superiority of data transmission using 1.4 billion mobile gadgets worldwide. Through a profound android app development agency, one can develop a powerful app using 5G to enhance business functionality. 

Must consider IoT

Undeniably, life without a smartphone is unimaginable. In fact, starting from data storage to entertainment, these are useful in all aspects. Through the arrival of applications, these devices are now at the core of smartwatches, wearable, etc. Interestingly, smart gadgets are getting budget-friendly these days for commoners. In fact, one can expect around 76 billion devices by 2025. All in all, budget-friendly characteristics and other aspects make it significant for android app development.  

Going with all-inclusive packs like Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is an all-inclusive pack having tools, libraries, etc., helping android app developers in developing apps. The best part, this makes the process of usual development works absolutely easy. Furthermore, Google offers proper documentation for further simplification for using the tool. Primarily, considering the ease of development, Android Jetpack certainly emerges as a key factor for android app development. 

Introduce intuitive and personalized features

The intuitive feature is certainly one of the key factors that one must consider. Most importantly, it is essential for the application to focus on a specific industry. To be specific, the segments like hotel booking, eCommerce, cab booking, etc., are going to grow with popularity. And, ease of user interface is quite crucial for ensuring the success of these applications.

Emphasize built-in Features

Gone are the days when android apps were carrying single features. However, the scenario has changed with the availability of explicit apps for an explicit purpose. For example, through a billing app, one can handle everything, starting from inventory, stock, etc., other than billing. Most importantly, this trend is going to grow even more significantly. From this perspective, developers need to emphasize more on developing all-inclusive solutions.

Faster deployment

Android apps are quite essential to be quick enough from a deployment perspective. Specifically, this holds immense importance keeping the huge competition in mind. Hence, one needs to ensure it through the developers that deployment is quick. In this context, one should prefer going with those developing companies following agile development methods. The best part, it makes the development process much faster.  

Must consider the free option of download

Keeping the immense competition in mind, monetization, especially for the android apps, seems a blunder. In this context, it is crucial to develop apps that one can download for free. Keeping the growing number of users, this factor is also getting important. However, there can be different other ways for monetizing the app. But, it is absolutely crucial to make the download free for staying competitive. 


Security certainly is one of the biggest challenges for android apps. In fact, security has become a crucial ranking factor in the year 2021. Specifically, this factor holds a lot of prominences keeping the threats of security breaches in mind. Moreover, the past few years have put forth various kinds of security challenges. Furthermore, through regular upgrades, it has become essential to enhance the security standard. In this context, make sure that the android app development agency has clarity about the freshest update rules.   

Make most of the on-demand android apps.

Primarily, android apps are growing with popularity in terms of enhancing the service of clients. In this context, on-demand apps hold a lot of significance. Apparently, this is going to lead the android development scenario in the coming year. The best part, these apps are significant in terms of hastening the regular tasks and making them more comfortable. 

Most importantly, these apps are useful for many domains. Starting from healthcare to grocery, these hold significance in all domains. Interestingly, these can provide a thorough assessment of the user’s location. Also, the clients can hope for immediate services upon using these applications. Hence, the developers certainly need to consider this aspect.

Make the most of IDE.

In 2021, it has become extremely important for developers to make use of IDE. Basically, each IDE contains fundamental specs that one needs to script with the programs. Most importantly, these all possess certain distinguishing aspects in terms of interface. Undoubtedly, this makes the app more user-friendly. Auto-completion of the tasks is also one of the foremost aspects of the IDEs. For example, the Android studios do come with specs like the APL analyzer. Hence, it has become important for the developers to pay some time to go through IDE and explore features. 

User engagement

Undoubtedly, user engagement is one of the crucial aspects of android developers in 2021. After all, there is certainly no better way of figuring out the areas of development than engaging with the user. The best part, it provides a greater scope of creativity while developing the apps. In fact, the strategies for engaging in social media are crucial. Hence, one must include a social media button within it.

Make most of the Augmented Reality.

This is certainly going to be a big thing in 2021. Yes, augmented reality is still quite a fresh trend in the android development arena. But, it is going to enrich in even bigger fashion in forthcoming years. According to reports, the games on this are going to cross worth of $284.93 billion by the year 2023. However, this is not just about developing an artificial arena in place of the original. But, it is about providing greater data to increase the entertainment quotient.


Emphasize widget animation using MotionLayout

These types of layouts can make use of dealing with widget animation. The best part, it elaborates the transition among the layouts well. At the same time, it facilitates animation in each layout characteristic. Above all, this helps the developers in developing in instantly displaying each point within the transition. Apparently, the use of MotionLayout is going to increase in 2021 in order to develop a user interface. 

Must maintain consistency

Overall, keeping the immense competition in the android development arena in mind, it has become essential to emphasize consistency. Simply releasing the app is not enough. Rather, one must introduce regular updates. Furthermore, only introducing nominal updates is not enough. But, one must ensure about providing fresh features to keep it relevant in modern times. 


You know the most important trends of Android development now. If you are an Android app development company looking to develop your next app, make sure to consider all the factors to deliver a great app.

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