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YouTube TV is now ‘YT TV’ on Android homescreens

Google’s YouTube TV has now and then is one of the most popular ways to stream traditional TV channels through the internet worldwide. A minor update to YouTube TV for Android today observes that Google changed the application name to “YT TV”.

Additionally, YouTube TV’s app for Android TV is adding overdue support for the platform’s home screen “channels.” Under the main row of apps on Android TV’s home screen, you will find a row packed with content you have recently watched. And under that, what Google calls “channels” are to be displayed. These various channels powers by apps installed on your mobile or tablet device and include recommendations featured content, and more.

Version 4.40 for Android devices like mobile handsets and tablets sees a change of application name from “YouTube TV” to “YT TV.” This change can only be seen in the home screens and the application launchers, however, the application information page or Play Store has no mention of the update.

YouTube TV’s channel shows a collection of different networks.

yt tv

The abbreviation matches “YT Music,” and sees “YT TV” move to the right of the audio streaming application according to alphabetical order. For most people, YouTube TV is now in their last item app drawer alphabetically, though this might impose some challenges when searching according to your device’s launcher. 

Meanwhile, on the Android TV front, another update sees the YouTube TV app card change.

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