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LG’s New Rollable Smartphone?

LG is moving away from the normal field of smartphone markets and is trying to make different types of new smartphones. Recently they launched LG wing, a strange smartphone. But it has new and exciting features and another phone from LG, the LG GX8. Both phones are a bit experimental and have attracted a lot of attention. LG has sold a lot of these new innovative devices. What could be next from LG? a rollable phone ?. yes.

LG granted a patent for its latest rollable phone. the phone opens like a scroll which increases the size of the screen. It eliminates the crease in the middle seen in flagships like Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2. This might be an end for the trend of foldable phones. This is an amazing technology as it not only eliminates the crease but also makes the phone more durable and thin. The phone is said to have an OLED display.

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