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Microsoft Announces Internet Explorer 11 Farewell Timeline

Microsoft officially announces the disconnection of support for Internet Explorer 11 From August, 17th 2021. It was released on 17th October 2013 along with Windows 8.1. They are also planning to drop support for their existing legacy version of Microsoft Edge on the 9th of March 2021.

In replace of The Internet Explorer 11 the Tech Giant is trying new Chromium Based Microsoft Edge. The Edge was unveiled in 2015 and it was codenamed Project spartan. The company says that newly releasing Devices and future windows update will include the new Edge Browser.

The Existing Users of Internet Explorer 11 are advised to move to Edge or any other Browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome. Internet Explorer once held 90 percent of the Browser World.

About The New Edge Browser

The new Edge Browser is much faster, lighter, and better than the existing version. Microsoft has added some new privacy features. With Tracking protection, we can monitor our passwords if they have been exposed to the Dark web.

According to the reports of Windows latest, the Browser comes with New Pdf features. Microsoft has added a new Highlight Mode on the browser which lets you select text or paragraph From Pdf document. It also lets you add text to existing Pdf files using the text Note Feature. Users can access the mode without Selecting anything.

Sometimes we need some extra online privacy. Edge helps us to Maintain truly private browsing and search with enhancements to InPrivate mode. InPrivate mode Automatically deletes history, cookies, and site data when we finish a web browsing session. Microsoft Edge is the only browser that offers inbuild InPrivate search with Bing.

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