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This Windows 20 Concept will blow your mind

It’s the PC’s most beautiful looking concept ever.

Recently a Turkish Designer Kameer Kaan Avdan introduced his take on Windows 20, which is yet to be released. This Turkish designer is a popular Youtube hobbyist who has been creating concept designs for stuff like iOS and Windows and posting it on Youtube since 2017. But his take on the Windows 20 is really a sight to behold.

The Windows 20 Concept shown in Avdan’s video is stunning. It keeps the bare essence of the Windows 10 but adds a plethora of new features to it which are extremely stylistic.

Windows 20 is obviously not Microsoft’s original release, Avdan says that it a concept for an operating system post windows 10, the name 20 is used because of the year 2020. But honestly, if Windows were to implement this theme in the upcoming OS or update Windows 10 itself to look like this, it wouldn’t be a mistake.

The concept design shows many cool features like a customizable taskbar, a redesigned file explorer with tabs (like in your usual web browser), dynamic wallpaper, and great support for Dark Mode.

The concept was created using the Adobe design suite and Cinema4D. The video is quite professional in itself.

Windows is the most popular PC OS in the world with around 70% of people in the world using Windows, should Microsoft choose to do something like this with their operating systems, this design overhaul can make windows the best-looking OS for years to come.

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