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PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode brings Cold Front Survival to Vikendi

The popular game PUBG MOBILE of Tencent Gaming has released a new Arctic Mode in PlayLab Section. Although many of us have seen this mode in beta in February. It is available inside the PlayLab section of the PUBG Mobile. PUBG always keep experimenting with its various modes and new maps.

The Arctic mode is played in the Vikendi map, there’s no change in the map. It’s the same classic Vikendi map but there are some added features on the map.

Each player will have a body temperature meter in their screens. In cold weather, players’ body temperature will continue to drop and will lose health while body temp is too low.  There are also other resources to keep you warm and saves you from losing health like warm packs, Heater, etc.

To keep yourself safe from cold weather you have to stay indoors and light a fire with the help of a lighter which you can find in the loots. You can add branches in the fire too keep the fire burning for the longest time. Although if you have to go outside in cold temperature you have to keep the heater on for keeping yourself safe. Players can also hunt chickens and collect their raw meat and then roast the meat in the fire. They can later consume the roasted meat for increasing their health. There’s also a drone available in the game which you can use to scout the environment and can find your hidden enemies. Players can use a snowboard to travel faster in the snow. This mode is very interesting to play and you will find it quite interesting also.

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