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Apple now sells Mac Pro Wheels and Feet from $299 to $699

Apple recently declared the sale of its Mac pro wheels and feet kit. So, users who bought one version of Mac pro can switch to the alternate version by buying the respective kits.

Mac Wheels and feet

The wheels kit costs $699 and contains 4 Mac pro wheels, ¼-inch to 4mm hex bit and an installation guide to assist manual installation, similarly, the feet kit costs $299 and contains 4 Mac pro feet, the same dimension hex bit as above and an installation guide. Obviously, other basic tools are also required for manual installation.

The Wheels are a way to increase the mobility of the Mac Pro, while on the other hand, the Feet reduce the size of the frame by approximately one inch. Both products are made of stainless steel and are compatible with the current generation Mac pro.

Additionally, the wheels add $400 to the bill when buying a new Mac Pro, and if the wheels option is not chosen the feet are mandatory.

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