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Snapchat Introduces a New Game to Bust Coronavirus Myths

Snapchat has introduced to tackle false information with a new image filter. The new COVID-19 myth quiz game is an interactive filter, The way it works is that each player is presented with a statement about the coronavirus. Then players have to answer true/false questions regarding COVID-19 correct information.

Users can share their results or by sending to friends and also invite their friends to play the game.

In this game, users have to take a selfie from the app and apply the COVID-19 Myth Busting game filter on it. After applying the filter, users will be asked a similar question about coronavirus and given a choice between Fact or Myth. Once the user selected the choice option, the app will show whether you are the correct or wrong answer. If you choose the wrong answer, the app will tell you that it’s wrong, and the reason why you are wrong.

Kelly Mendoza, senior director of education programs at Common Sense Media, says, “We know that young people learn from games. A lot of teens like to play games on their phones, so it’s a great way to deliver content and engage young people in this issue,” she said.

This is a different way to reach among users about pandemic awareness. Other tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google, Apple have also come up with measures to spread accurate information about COVID-19.

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