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Forget 5G, Japan to Launch 6G by 2030

Where the world working on 4G and planning to work on 5G, Japan starts preparing for the efficient network than 5G and yes, that is 6G. With the help of 6G, a large amount of data can be transmitted at high speed and unused radio frequencies will be used.

According to the latest reports of Nikkei, Under the chairmanship of Tokyo Goshinjin, The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan has planned to set up a Government-Civilian research society by January end.

The Ministry has named the project as Post-5G or 6G. Japan is planning to invest around $2.03 billion in Post-5G technology and it is believed that the new technology will be 10-times faster than the current technology 5G.

Not only Japan, but China, Finland, and South Korea also start preparation for the upcoming technology 6G. China has announced two 6G R&D institutions, Finland is also planning to launch 6G R&D projects, and Samsung and LG have established 6G centers in South Korea.

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