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Facebook Bans DeepFake Videos Before US Election

Facebook has been in talks to challenge deepfake videos in 2019. deepfake videos are those videos that are computer-generated and highly manipulated. Such videos are used to create controversy in order to mislead.

Late Monday night, Facebook has announced the change in policy by an official blog post. US Presidential elections 2020 are on the way and this policy change is a result of the election as the last election was influenced by Facebook as we all know about the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. This time in order to stay away from any controversy, Facebook changed the policy overnight.

By this policy change, Facebook will remove videos that are synthesized and apparent to an average person. Not only this, Videos generated through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that imposes something in any video to make it authentic will also be removed.

Our enforcement strategy against misleading manipulated media also benefits from our efforts to root out the people behind these efforts. Just last month, we identified and removed a network using AI-generated photos to conceal their fake accounts.

Monika Bickert, Vice President, Global Policy Management

The change in policy is reported earlier by The Washington Post but is later confirmed by Facebook. As per the report, Facebook policy change won’t meet the requirements to remove the viral edited clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Videos made on the point of parody or satire will not be banned as the policy won’t cover them.

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