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Four Wheeler Motorbike That Can Fly; LMV96

Have you ever thought when your bike stuck in a traffic block Pressing a button converts the bike from ride to fly mode and escape from slow-moving traffic? The French Automaker Lazareth is coming up with LMV 96 which can travel in both road and air.

LMV496 is powered on the road with the help of an electric motor capable of a range of 60 miles while on the air LMV496 is surrounded with four jet engines that provide ten minutes of flight. 96,000-RPM JetCat jet turbine in the middle of each wheel and adding hydraulic actuators that bend with four wheels out and up, building a configuration something like a jet-powered quadcopter. Two extra jets can be added near the middle of the body to handle more weight.

According to Lazareth ‘The driving position and light steering of the LMV496 provide immediate handling. Braking and undercarriage technology is directly inspired by Lazareth vehicles. The suspensions have been entrusted to our partner TFX Suspension Technology.’

The bodywork is built from a Kevlar, carbon composite to decrease weight and enabling the machine to fly. The cost of this futuristic bike is around 3.5 crores, has neared completed. Just five units are produced worldwide, out of which only four are being sold to the public.

LMV96 is an extension of the makers earlier bike LM847(a tilting 4-wheel motorcycle with a 470PS Maserati V8 engine)which launched in2016. After Working in AIXAM a French automobile manufacturer for a few years, Ludovic Lazareth started the company in 1998 and started the production of the first bike under brand Lazareth.

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