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Google Maps may soon show streets with ‘good’ lighting

Google Maps is working on a new feature — ‘layer’ — that will be recognized by Lighting. Streets well lit will be showcased in this new version. We all know that Maps by Google is a committed navigation tool on Playstore and users are going to have a better and improved experience by this feature!!
This new feature will be added in the 10.31.0 beta version. Yellow color will be preferred to highlight the well-lit streets.

The new feature will categorize the streets into ‘no lighting info available’, ‘poor to no lighting’ and ‘good lighting’. However, at times, the app will not allow the users to zoom in on certain things while in lighting mode. Google, however, has not released any screenshot of the actual interface of this feature. Again, Google has neither given dates for the release of the feature nor any data about regions that will first get this feature.

Moreover, People traveling abroad would also be benefited. Google Translator has also helped users to communicate in their native languages proving itself as a boon for everyone. Consequently, if you want to have a deeper conversation, it will redirect to Google Translate app.

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