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Mix Cloud Data Breached: 20 Million User’s at Risk

Data breach has always been a great issue in the cyber world daily there is another case of data breach recently, a data breach has occurred at Mixcloud. Mixcloud is a British online music streaming service that allows user’s to listening and distribution of radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts.

Mixcloud lets it’s premium user’s to upload their DJ mixes and tracks to listen to other users and has limited features for their free users.

The data breach has occurred at the starting of November when a dark web seller listed the data of MixCloud for sale on dark web forums for $4,000, or about 0.5 bitcoin, who goes by handle A_W_S. A _W_S has supplied a potion of data in motherboard to TechCrunch.

The breach was informed to Mixcloud CTO and co-founder Matthew Clayton and they stated that “this was the first they had heard of the incident and started investigating the issue.”

These data include the list of usernames, email addresses, and password hashed with algorithm SHA256. The data also contains sensitive information like the last login, country, Ip address, and link of profile photos.

We received credible reports this evening that hackers sought and gained unauthorized access to some of our systems. Our understanding at this time is that the incident involves email and IP addresses for all Mixcloud users; and securely encrypted passwords for a minority of Mixcloud users.

Security notice by Mixcloud

However, the exact amount of data stolen is not known. It is assumed that it has more than 22 million data.

The users would be thankful to user’s that the company has secured their password with a secured hash algorithm which is one way and cannot be reversed.

Now the hackers are getting more advanced with more advanced tools and skills we need more white hat hackers to counter these breaching attacks.

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