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Jio Fiber New Vouchers|Gamers Be Aware of This Issue

Reliance Jio has launched new prepaid top-up vouchers for its Fiber customers. The two prepaid vouchers are priced at Rs. 351 and Rs. 199, which after GST will cost Rs. 415 and Rs. 235 respectively. These vouchers are to be used in addition to the prepaid plans starting from Rs. 699 and go up to Rs. 8499.

The Rs199 voucher has a validity of one week. Customers will get unlimited data at 100Mbps speed for 7 days, with unlimited voice calling and TV video calling.

The Rs351 top-up voucher has a validity of 30 days. Customers opting for this voucher will get 50GB data at a speed of up to 10Mbps. After the allotted 50GB has been used the internet speed reverts to 1Mbps and unlimited data. This voucher can be purchased at once for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. It will include free local and STD calling and TV video calling

These vouchers are for those users who need more data. But honestly, the Jio Fiber plans are costly. In my suggestion, they should include plans at a lower speed like 25Mbps or 50 Mbps because honestly, most people won’t get the difference between these speeds in their daily usage. Normal web browsing and social media can work flawlessly at lower speeds too, and if you are like me who downloads tons of games then, either way, you have to wait a few hours seeing the size of recent games.

I have been using Jio fiber for 4 months, and with respect to the fiber rolling out to customers I have seen a major issue. This is particularly for gamers, at the start of my fiber connection I used to get a ping of 10-20ms at any time, in any game. But recently this has increased to 70-130ms which makes it hard in competitive games like CS GO. And having experienced such low ping as 15ms I can see a bit of delay in the games from now, so I would suggest hardcore gamers to pick any other ISP for now.

Mohit Rajpurohit

I am a tech-savvy person, huge tech geek, I am also a gamer and YouTuber PCMR for life

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