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E-challan in Delhi for Traffic Violators

Traffic violators in Delhi will be able to pay e-challans. Besides, The traffic police is all set to launch its e-payment facility,that is, e-challan by the end of this month. Overall, the idea is to develop a dynamic web portal for providing various traffic related services to the general public. Hence, Once operational, the public will be able to not just view pending notices but also have an option to pay on-line through credit cards. If anybody needs a hardcopy of the challan, he/she would be able take a print out of notice for compounding.


At present, traffic violators have to go to the headquarters of the traffic police in west Delhi’s Todapur to pay the amount of their challan.

Likewise, They will place the e-challaning process by the start of the next financial year. They will include a new design portal of it, too, around the same time. 

Furthermore, One will just have to log on to the Delhi Traffic Police’s website —— to make the payment of e-challans. They are generated through automated machines for red-light violations and over-speeding violation.

According to the traffic official, e-challan machines, everyday, generates around 20,000 Challans. They, call it as “Contact Challans”.

If they catch you for violating rules they issue an e-challan on the spot. Consequently, violator pays there the fine.

In addition, Automated machines such as overspeed violation detection and red light jump violation detection generates around 7,000 to 8,000 e-challans. They have installed these only in 10 places in the city. There’s an additional 25 cameras placed for detection of overspeed violations.

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