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Phone Fully charged in just 17mins!

Hello readers,

So even though nowadays the charging standards had become way high our phone can now get ready for the day in just 20 minutes but for a lot of users thats still not enough and if you want to fully charge the phone it takes about an hour.

But then Xiaomi Came up with something…

First, lets talk about how this charging works, previously the chargers outputs the rated power to the phone and the phone convereted that energy into its needed power which was really inefficient and it lead to a lot of heating in the phone.

But then one day miraculously OnePlus Came up with something called Dash Charging and it completely changed the way we charge our phone.

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This was the first time when our phone was charged enough in 15-30mins that it could run all day.


Here is a video made by oneplus to explain how its dash charging works.

In short Instead of converting the current in the phone it converts it inside the charger which leads to 0 heating in phone therefore more wattage can be pushed without the need of energy conversion.

Now, this technology is pushed higher and higher with the latest huawei mate 20 pro uses 40W charger which can charge the phone upto 70% in 30mins.

Just imagine this phone charges more than 2% per minute.

But after this point the charging would become slow and it would take upto 70minutes to fully charge the device.

Now fast forward to today Xiaomi Posted the Video as shown below:

They are calling their charging as “SUPER CHARGE TURBO”.

And as we can see on this video it fully charged the device at 17 minutes……!!!!

As visible the wattage was around 70-80W but we could peak it to 100W

Now the main challenge to this method is that a single battery cannot take this much power so quickly so Xiaomi must have to split the battery into multiple sections to not overload the battery.

I really wish that this charging method comes to us ASAP then we will be lot less connected to our charger and lesser charge cycles means even better battery life over a long period of time.

Cant wait.

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