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Multicopter – The future helping hand!

“Flight is the only truly new sensation that men have achieved in modern history” says James Dickey. One such recent craze is the multi-copter. We all are familiar with the term helicopter which lends its helping hand during disasters and official purposes.But, what is a multi-copter? A helicopter is something with a single flight and a multi-copter has more than two flights. Well, Multi-copter is a mechanically simple aerial hooptie whose motion is controlled by speeding or slowing multiple downward thrusting vane units.

They are aerodynamically unstable and absolutely require an flight computer for stable flight. They use the fly by wire system and if the thinking machine is subjected to blameworthiness, we may not be able to fly. BELL APT has taken a new step of making the drawbacks possible using their upheaving ideas.

BELL APT – has invented an autonomous pod transport using this multicopter concept providing a whole new level of operational efficiency enabled by our expedited services. They have been designed for multi-mission use, along with payload size and flight performance scale to meet the needs of diverse operations and networks. Decord with intuitive modular design, rapid battery swap and recharging, streamline system deployment and rapid reconfiguration.

Their innovative capabilities include delivering products wherever you need it.Endurance is improved by autonomous vertical take off which uniquely, transitions to wing-borne flight, providing multi-copter payload capability with fixed wing speed. Their energy efficiency marks their speed in carrying payloads at increased ranges and speeds reinforced by the tailsitter design that optimizes energy consumption thriugh its trasition to wing-borne flight.They are three times faster thanvthe ground vehicles and reliably transports what you need within minutes.

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