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Top 5 Android Apps for Productivity

Productivity is the measure of your efficiency. If you are efficient enough, you get more work done at the end of the day. Today we will look at Some android apps that can help you increase your productivity.

An increase in Productivity isn’t a one day process. It takes time and builds as a habit. We have arranged a list of some apps that help you in accomplishing this task. In the list, you will find apps that help you during your daily work operations, helping you build up habits, ease up your teamwork, and boost your working speed and motivation a little higher.

We will look at categories rather than at specific apps. Then in the categories, we show an app that is more or less the top ranking one. Also, the application may be available for other platforms too, but as this article is primarily being written for Android apps, we focus on the same.

So, here are the top 5 Android apps for Productivity.

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1. ToDo List

ToDo Lists are the main factor in managing your tasks. You have a checklist of tasks you want to perform until the deadline and you check them off as they go on completing. You keep having an overview of the task at hand and try completing it.


TickTick is the editor’s choice Android app on the Google Playstore. It Features a simple ToDo list UI with support for multiplatform sync and team support where multiple people can contribute to the same task at hand and help complete it. You can use the widget and put it on your home screen to always have an eye on the List of things you need to get done. You also get a Pomodoro timer in the app that makes you focus and block distractions.

Give TickTick a try and if you need to subscribe to the premium plan, Although it won’t be required.

If you work on your Windows Device more then maybe “Microsoft To Do” will be more your taste. You also have Todoist which is a strong candidate for the top To-Do list app, some of you people reading it may even be using it now.

2. Notes

Taking notes for your tasks is an important factor too. You can forget what you planned and can be in a mental block when you try to think of things after a while. Here are some of the apps we think you should give a try.

Google Keep is one of the best apps for the purpose. The multi-device syncing helps a lot if you are working on multiple workstations. All the standard features of note-taking apps are present and are free.

Microsoft’s OneNote is another alternative for the task. It works well if you have a windows workstation. Evernote is also a big name in the same genre.

3. Time Management/Schedule

A schedule managing app is a must-have to plot the actions you do during the day earlier than you do them. Meeting times, workout routines and much more can be easily plotted without forgetting any on the task.

TickTick which was discussed earlier is a great choice for the task of being a schedule manager. The integrated calendar syncs with many external calendar services like Google Calendar and Outlook. You can even use the calendar applications on your devices directly. TickTick is an eminent app that deserves to be on the list of Top 5 Android apps for Productivity.

4. Focus on the task/no distraction

Engross is an app made in India that helps you focus by using the Pomodoro timer and managing your routine and tasks. The app contains a to-do list, calendar with timer integration while also providing a blocker for apps. It also has a white noise player and many other features.

Digital Wellbeing, the app that comes pre-installed in android devices with android 9 and above can also be of great use to block away distraction causing apps and limit your screen time usage. The app also provides statistics for your phone usage with times that you used all your apps for. You can set an app usage time limit and use focus mode to turn off notifications from the apps you get distracted from. Another alternative to Digital Wellbeing is ActionDash which works even on older devices.

5. Quick Work for documents right on your phone

Sometimes if you are away from your laptop or PC and need to urgently send out a word file with a small edit, it is very annoying to not be able to do so.

Microsoft and Google have their suites of apps for the purposes up to the task.

Microsoft has released a standalone app combining Word, PowerPoint, and Excel into Microsoft Office. Other office applications like Outlook are present as solo apps.

Google has 3 separate apps for the purpose namely Docs, Slides, and Sheets. The names define them all. Other counterparts are also available like Gmail and Keep for notes.

To conclude, the applications are a way to increase your productivity and make you smarter in managing time and work. You can use them to flawlessly perform actions on time and be the person that doesn’t budge from the routine. We hope this list of Top 5 Android Apps for Productivity helped. Leave us a comment on what apps you use other than these and how they helped you.

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