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Top 10 Data Breach of 2019 | Exclusive

As 2019 is about to end, we are here to give you a brief list of top data breaches and hacking attacks in 2019. Here are some biggest data breaches. According to researchers, 4.1 Billion Records leaked in the First Six Months Of 2019.

  • #1Collection 

The year started with a huge data breach of all time, which contained almost 773 million email addresses and passwords discovered on a popular dark web forum. The credential spill named with “Collection #1” and the total size was approximately 87 Gb; it was one of the worst data breaches of 2019, and after further investigation, Collection 2-4 followed, and 840 million accounts found from 38 companies including big companies such as Yahoo.

  • Facebook’s Data Breach

Facebook had a terrible year in terms of a data breach taking example when 540 million records about Facebook user records were made publicly available to Amazon’s cloud computing service or those two malicious SDKs which compromised data of the user

  • Ecuador Data Breach

In September, security researchers found an unsecured database that contains over 20 million user’s data, which is near about the entire country’s population. Some accounts have much information that revealed Ecuadorian national bank customer’s information.

  • WhatsApp’s spyware 

In November, a vulnerability discovered in WhatsApp through which spyware named Pegasus developed by NSO was injected in WhatsApp without user interaction to keep an eye on users. Pegasus is not ordinary spyware but a highly sophisticated one.

  • 1.2 Billion Records Exposed

In November, most significant data leak occurred when Security Researcher Vinny Troia and Bob Diachenko exposed a server of 4 terabytes that contain 4 Billion user accounts, out of which 1.2 Billion is unique. Both researchers reported the incident with the FBI.

  • Mongo DB hack 

In May researchers found a publicly available database that contained 275 million records of people that contain personal and sensitive information of citizens of India. The database left unprotected for more than 2 weeks.

The records include personal information like name, gender, and email address but also their employment history, current employer, current salary, and mobile phone number.

  •  First American Data Breach 

In the last of May, a data breach occurred at  First American Financial Corporation provides comprehensive title insurance protection and professional settlement services have 885 million sensitive customer financial records exposed to its website for public access.

  • Canva Data beach

An Australian web-design online service Canva had been hit by a hacker that claim to had about 139 million of data that contained information like usernames, real names, email addresses, passwords and city, and country information.

  • Elasticsearch Server Data Breach

In November a security researcher found an open elastic server that contained 1.2 billion users data the server had 4 terabytes of data, without password protection or authentication. It was also one of the worst data breaches.

  • JustDial Data Leak

In April a local search service faced a data breach which has exposed more than 100 million users, including names, email ids, mobile numbers, gender, date of birth and addresses publicly available. The data breach was a part of four API which was remained unprotected.

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