Huawei will unveil mapping service in October

Yeah, you read it right. Recently, a report from China Daily stated that Huawei is going to show up its very own mapping service (Mapkit) to challenge the dominance of Google Maps.

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But it is not as true as it seems. This service is intended for software developers who provide their own navigation tools. The report of China Daily also tells that the mapping service, called Map Kit, will offer developers a street navigation system they can use in their apps as well as a way to show users real-time traffic conditions.

Huawei spokesperson also told that the Map Kit will support “augmented-reality mapping.”  Maybe, by AR Mapping, they meant AR Walking Directions or Something similar to that.

According to some sources, Huawei will collaborate with Yandex, a Russian internet service firm also providing maps and offering an API for navigation applications.

The telecom sector association’s director-general Xiang Ligang also informed China Daily that Huawei had “telecom base stations” that could “deliver satellite positioning data.”

Moreover, the Mapkit will come in October covering 150+ nations and will be available in 40+ languages.

All these new innovations from Huawei’s own OS to MapKit happened after the Huawei ban by the US. Also, the permission to US Tech Companies to work with Huawei will expire on August 19.

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