How to watch YouTube videos without Ads for Free?

Ever since YouTube has introduced YouTube Ads it has become a marketing hub for all the companies to advertise their products. It has also helped creators to earn by uploading content on YouTube. Removing ads as per youtube is to upgrade to YouTube Premium.

There are many extensions like YouTube adblocker or Ad Remover YouTube which are ultimate of No use. It requires quite a good amount of space but also hiders our privacy. There is a simple trick that can make you learn How to block certain ads on YouTube or How to turn off ads on YouTube.Trust me this is the best YouTube Ad Blocker Trick you can go for. Just follow the below steps and enjoy your favorite without any interference. So let us Go

Follow the steps below to stop ads on YouTube.

Step 1 – Search for your Favorite YouTube Video or the one you want to watch .

Step 2 . Copy the URL and open a new TAB.

Step 3. Add a Period or dot between .com and /

for Example if the Required URL is


Step 4 – Sit Back and enjoy all your Favorite content without any interruptions

Hope this helps you. Found another way? Tell us in comment section

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