Facebook accidently blocks genuine COVID-19 News

A massive content moderation glitch bug has been there in the Facebook’s spam News Feed filter that has blocked genuine news from a legitimate site such as Buzzfeed, and USA Today related to sharing some news related to COVID-19.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Facebook is allowing their workers to work from home and now automated systems have taken over the content moderation loop work and now Facebook is declining the fact that a content moderation glitch was there in the automated systems but also saying that they have nothing to do with the human content moderation force.

Later Facebook Guy Rosen tweeted that the bug was in the anti-spam system and they are working to fix the issue and bringing all the posts back.

“In addition to masks, we’re now also banning ads and commerce listings for hand sanitizer, surface disinfecting wipes and COVID-19 testing kits. And if we see people selling these products in organic posts on Facebook or Instagram, we’ll remove them.”, Facebook said.

Since Facebook has sent its content moderators home this week they would have to rely more on their artificial intelligence system to do the work.

Later in the evening, Rosen tweeted that they have restored all the posts that were removed by mistake related to COVID-19 news. The issue resides in the automated system that removes the spam and abusive links but it incorrectly removed all the other links too.

After this bug, we can say that Artificial intelligence cannot fully replace human jobs whats your opinion tell us in the comments.

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