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The seven best google apps you must give a try!

There are ocean of apps to make use of. If you use an android OS , then you must give a try to the best apps and tools, provided by google. According to recent research, the following are considered to be the best google apps. They are in no particular sequence.

If you are a person with gadgetic amnesia and if you have a habit of leaving things where ever you go, then this app is for you.This app can be installed in any android devices including smart watches which helps you in locking the device,erase data and pings the device pleading for its return.

If This Then That is an entirely free app and which is powerful too.This app helps you make connections between your apps that are already existing. For example, if you upload a picture or a document in any one of the app, you can make it seated in your internal memory.Even though this feature is already provided by Instagram and few more apps already,this can be used for any apps that rule your mobile phone.

This is another useful tool where you will be needing to pay a less amount for which we will be provided with the most useful and powerful browser.The basic app gives you a root access to your android phone with various file browsing tools,support for most popular archive files,FTP server support,support for most cloud storage apps,and more.

Are you a wanderlust with minimum known languages, then google translate makes you the best travel partner. It is an invaluable tool that supports most languages from around the world which has a variety of input and output modes for translation. You can even use a camera to translate menus and sentences on the screen. Sometimes, they may be a little annoying providing irrelevant meanings the natives get the gist of what you are asking.

It is another most popular downloads on google play.This app provides a 2-step verification code system on your mobile. This 2 step verification provides stronger security for your google account by requiring a second step verification when you sign in. It is generated using CHAP, the challenge handshake authentication protocol.

Google family link for parents is a powerful app that helps parents oversee their children’s online activity. Whether your children are younger or in their teens,the family link lets you set digital ground tools to help you guide them. For children under 13, a google account is also created which will be used by them under your control.

It is an all-singing,all-dancing personal assistant of a kind.This handy app helps you to look up dishes from menu,add events to your calendar,get directions,call a number,translate words and even more. We can even use it to for navigation and identify birds,things,animals etc…

If you have not used these apps, then what are you waiting for? Pop into your play store ,and try it yourselves.Leave your experience in the comment box.

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