How to Install Jupyter Notebook?

Every Python Enthusiast must have faced similar problems while launching or installing Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application for Python Programming. Jupyter Notebook is not only an IDLE but a much more. Well, How to install it? You must have searched over the net but must’ve found some difficult solutions to a simple problem. Or must have faced Jupyter command not found error due to faulty installation. Follow the below steps to Install Jupyter Notebook to your computer.

Requirements – Python 3 and above

Jupyter Notebook is used for various coding languages but for its Installation Python is a must. Also Jupyter Notebook Online is the one we will be working on.

Method 1 – Using Pip

Python Installation is a lot easier when pip is used to do so , follow the below steps

Step 1 – Open Terminal

Step 2 – Make sure your pip is upgraded to the latest version or else run the below code to upgrade pip to it’s the latest version.

pip3 install --upgrade pip

Step 3 – Install the Jupyter Notebook using below code

pip3 install jupyter

Method 2 – Using Anaconda

if you’re a student of data sciences we must recommend you download Anaconda. Follow the below steps to install Jupyter Notebook using Anaconda.

Step 1 – Download Anaconda for Window/Mac/Linux, Visit or click here .

Step 2 – Install the Anaconda you’ve downloaded and You’re done Anaconda comes with inbuilt Jupyter Notebook support

How to run Jupyter Notebook?

Step 1 – Open Terminal

Step 2 – Run the below code

jupyter Notebook

Jupyter notebook will automatically popped up in your default browser if not click on the URL given in the terminal.

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