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How To Surf The Web Anonymously On Android!!

Hello Readers Today I am going to show you a technique through which you’ll be able to Surf the Internet Completely anonymously From Android.

Today in this article we are going to show you the technique in which you can be completely anonymous in the web with the help of the Tor

What is Tor?

Tor is a type of network in which it directs Internet traffic through a number of free overlay network consisting of more than seven thousand relays to hide a user’s location and usage from the ISP, Hackers And Spies.

It Does so by by redirecting the traffic through a number of nodes so that the original node that is your PC becomes Untrackable.

So To get Started with tor on android Visit the following link : Orbot

It is the official android app for the tor network.

To use this Tor app and install it then the following home screen will come up after the skipping the initialisation.


Now Click on the VPN Mode and we will see that the following popup will come

Click On OK and then You will see that the Orbot will automatically start to connect to their network

Orbot loading window

Now it will take some time to start itself after it get connected you will get the following confirmation

Once it shows Bootstrapped 100% done It means that you are now connected to the tor network, Now you are completely anonymous in the inernet.

Some things you might consider before using tor:

  1. Please Dont connect to tor while using banking apps or using any kind of sensitive website which requires you to input password.
  2. Using tor might be way slower than your original network speed as it has to hop through a number of nodes
  3. Though it is completely anonymous but there might be any unknown backdoor which can be used to track you
  4. please dont do any kind of illegal activity and if you dont know what you are doing then dont do it, we will not be responsible for anything at all.

Warning : Please Dont do any kind of illegal activity and we won’t be responsible for any damage to you or to anyone else, This is only a tutorial we will not be responsible for any kind of misuse or doing any illegal activity using tor.

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