Air India Data Breached: Personal Data leaked

A lot of data is been stolen from massive companies and now Air India an Airline company is amongst them. This was a massive data breach. Personal data of 45,00,000 people or 4.5 million people were leaked by hackers. The leaked data includes passenger’s basic details like name, date of birth, contact information, and confidential ... Read more

Indian IT Firms Encounter The Third-Highest Number of Malware Attacks in The World

What is malware? A malware attack is a common cyberattack where malicious software executes unauthorized actions on the victim’s system. The malicious software (a.k.a. virus) can perform many specific types of attacks such as ransomware, spyware, command and control, and many more. Malware attacks Malware discussion typically encompasses three main aspects: Aim: Why malware is ... Read more

Microsoft Says SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack is the Work of 1,000-plus Developers

According to Microsoft's President, Brad Smith, earlier this week said that after the deep investigation about the SolarWinds hack. It was revealed that the malicious SolarWinds attack includes more than 1000 developers who worked behind it for the SolarWinds attack.

Hacker Leaks Data Including Real Names of 2.28 Mn+ Dating Site Users

A hacker popular by the name ShinyHunters has leaked a 1.2 GB data dump of 2.28 million users of a dating website, MeetMindful.com. The data was uploaded on a hackers forum and is free to download. ShinyHunters is the same hacker that hacked Indian Startup Juspay few weeks ago. The data file uploaded contains the ... Read more

100 Million+ Credit, Debit Card Data Leaked; Posted on Darkweb

Critical Credit and Debit Card information of over 100 million users leaked on the Darkweb. The data leaked through a faulty server of a Bengaluru based startup Juspay. The startup processes transaction for Amazon, Swiggy, Airtel, Vi, Uber, and many other merchants. The startup acknowledged the leak but the number revealed now by a Security ... Read more

Google Discloses Poorly Patched Zero-Day Bug

Google's Project Zero team has recently disclosed a poorly patched zero-day bug in Windows print spooler API that could be used by an attacker to execute arbitrary code.

Laser-Based Hacking from Afar Goes Beyond Amazon Alexa

A group of researchers is exploring why digital home assistants and other sensing systems that use sound commands to perform functions can be hacked by light. It has noticed that someone can hack into an Amazon Alexa device using a laser beam and then doing some online shopping using that person’s account. This is in ... Read more

VMWare Critical Vulnerability in ESXi Hypervisor: Fixed

VMWare has recently fixed a critical bug in ESXi hypervisor after some days of its discovery in China’s Tianfu Cup hacking competition. The VMWare critical vulnerability has got a CVSS score of 9.3 out of 10.

Russian and North Korean Hackers are Targeting Corona Vaccine Makers

Microsoft claims that Russian and North Korean Hackers are targeting seven pharmaceutical companies in Canada, India, France, South Korea, and the US which are actively working in researching and developing the Coronavirus vaccine. The attacks are done by a Russian hacker called Strontium and other hackers Zinc and Cerium from North Korea. Brute Force attacks, ... Read more

Gaming giant Capcom hit by Ragnar Locker Ransomware

Accrding to reports gaming giant Capcom has been hit by Ragnar Locker Ransomware that has infected email and file servers and 1 TB of sensitive file have been encrypted by the ransomware.