Whatsapp vs signal which is more privacy-focused and what data they collect

Whatsapp updates the new privacy policy on 4th January has picked up a storm about data collection. WhatsApp will now share more data with parent company Facebook which has raised security concerns. Let's check Whatsapp vs signal which is more privacy focused.

Italy Court Orders Facebook to Pay $4.7 Million For Copying Faround App

On Tuesday, a Milan based appeal court ordered Facebook to pay 3.83 Million Euros ($ 4.7 Mn) in damages to an Italian Business Competence’s App Faround. The court said that Facebook copied the ”Nearby” feature from the app. The feature allows users to identify shops, restaurants, and clubs in their surroundings using GPS. Also, Faround ... Read more

More than 6 Lac Facebook Credentials Stolen in Phishing Campaign

A large scale phishing campaign using GitHub pages and targeted Facebook Ads has stolen the credentials of more than 615,000 Facebook users. A misleading ad on Facebook offering 3GB free data from Nepal Telecom has redirected users to the Phishing page. Users from Nepal, the Philippines, Tunisia, Pakistan, Mongolia, and Egypt are broadly affected by ... Read more

Salesforce Acquiring Slack For $27.7 Billion

Salesforce a cloud computing giant announced that it acquires the workplace chat app Slack.on Tuesday 1st December. As per the announcement, Salesforce is acquiring slack in $27.7 billion. This acquisition may be the salesforce’s biggest purchase in the 21st century. Both companies tweeted about the purchase. We're thrilled to be acquiring Slack! Combining @SlackHQ with ... Read more

Friendly Social Browser-Targeted By Facebook

Facebook is Trying To Ban A Browser Facebook is trying to ban a browser that offers privacy to users. The social browser-‘Friendly’ helps users to block ads and trackers, organize feeds and keywords, and further allows them to personalize them. The only reason Facebook is trying to ban it is that it provides additional features. ... Read more

How Facebook and Twitter are affecting US elections

Facebook and Twitter have laid out detailed and specific plans about what happens if the results are not immediately clear or if something arises like biased voting among the citizens with the help of social media as it happened down in 2016. Trump himself told in 2016 that he would have not won the election ... Read more

Facebook News Planned to Launch in India, UK, Germany

Facebook is planning to expand its Facebook News section to the UK, Germany, France, India, and Brazil within the next six months to a year. Facebook is bringing opportunity to the content creators to write legitimate content and they will pay to them.

Old School Facebook Design To Disappear Forever From Web

Recently, millions of web-Facebook users got a pop-up while they login into their Facebook account that 'the classic Facebook design will be no more available from September 2020'.

Does Facebook Support the Ruling BJP in India?

On 16 Aug 2020, Rahul Gandhi on his twitter handle tweets that Facebook and Whatsapp in India are controlled by BJP and RSS organizations. He states that Facebook supports hate speech addressed by BJP and RSS.

Facebook Begins Merging Messenger And Instagram Chats in The New Update

According to reports by The Verge Facebook seems to be testing for integrated chat system for Instagram and Messanger. For some Android and IoS users, an update screen popped on Instagram with a list of users including chat with friends who use Facebook.