Cyber Security

How To Protect Your Company’s Data With Security Software?

As a company, your data is one of the most important assets. Nobody wants the information they share with businesses to be exposed to third parties, including other businesses. As a result, hackers are intent on accessing and leaking business data. This leads to the need for security software in a business to protect customer ... Read more

TOSHIBA Suffered A Ransomware Attack

The Japanese tech giant Toshiba revealed a ransomware attack that attacked its European Subsidiary Toshiba Tec Corporation. Nowadays ransomware attacks are becoming pretty common. A few days ago the chemical industry giant Brenntag also underwent a ransomware attack. As a result, it had to pay a huge sum of 4.4 million dollars. For those who ... Read more

Payment Methods for Secured Online Transactions

Online payment methods have become the most convenient way to transfer money for any of our purchases. And along with the increasing rate of online money transactions, there is also a surge in the rate of transaction frauds and data insecurity. And because of the growing number of people turning up towards online mode of ... Read more

Indian IT Firms Encounter The Third-Highest Number of Malware Attacks in The World

What is malware? A malware attack is a common cyberattack where malicious software executes unauthorized actions on the victim’s system. The malicious software (a.k.a. virus) can perform many specific types of attacks such as ransomware, spyware, command and control, and many more. Malware attacks Malware discussion typically encompasses three main aspects: Aim: Why malware is ... Read more

Malware Targeting Apple’s M1 Chip discovered

Apple’s latest MacBook line is equipped with the latest M1 chip. Recently an unknown malware infected around 30,000 devices globally. It’s is a very complex malware as it has features that most high-end malware has. It has the ability to completely remove itself from the system. It means that this malware is designed to carry ... Read more

Microsoft Says SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack is the Work of 1,000-plus Developers

According to Microsoft's President, Brad Smith, earlier this week said that after the deep investigation about the SolarWinds hack. It was revealed that the malicious SolarWinds attack includes more than 1000 developers who worked behind it for the SolarWinds attack.

Microsoft Password Monitor Tool and Chrome New Password Protection is Here

The two of the browsers - Chrome and Microsoft Edge will now roll out a default feature that will now warn users if their passwords get leaked or have been compromised in any data breach.

Whatsapp vs signal which is more privacy-focused and what data they collect

Whatsapp updates the new privacy policy on 4th January has picked up a storm about data collection. WhatsApp will now share more data with parent company Facebook which has raised security concerns. Let's check Whatsapp vs signal which is more privacy focused.

Nissan Source Code Leaked From Git Server

About 18 GB of Nissan North America Source Code leaked online from a misconfiguration Git Server. Moreover, The server was online with a default username and password of admin/admin. In an interview with ZDNet, Software Engineer, Tillie Kottmann told about the leak. The exposed Git repository contains source code of Nissan North America mobile apps, ... Read more

100 Million+ Credit, Debit Card Data Leaked; Posted on Darkweb

Critical Credit and Debit Card information of over 100 million users leaked on the Darkweb. The data leaked through a faulty server of a Bengaluru based startup Juspay. The startup processes transaction for Amazon, Swiggy, Airtel, Vi, Uber, and many other merchants. The startup acknowledged the leak but the number revealed now by a Security ... Read more