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How to disable Secure Boot in Windows 10/8.1/7

Are you willing to dual boot your PC and if yes that you need to disable secure boot in Windows 10 or 8? Secure Boor is a modern technology that is built-in Windows 10 and 8 to make sure that the device boots only using trusted software by OEM. This time we are here with ... Read more

How to Pre-Register for PUBG New State, Launch Date

PUBG lovers are celebrating PUBG New State, which is set to launch globally and we are here with a step-by-step guide on how to Pre-register for PUBG New State, PUBG New State will be available on Google Play Store. The company has also released a trailer gameplay video and turned on the pre-registration link.

WhatsApp new privacy policy update 2.0

After the controversial update related to the WhatsApp privacy policy, the company is attempting to introduce the WhatsApp new privacy policy again the main difference is that there is a change in the tone.

Microsoft Says SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack is the Work of 1,000-plus Developers

According to Microsoft's President, Brad Smith, earlier this week said that after the deep investigation about the SolarWinds hack. It was revealed that the malicious SolarWinds attack includes more than 1000 developers who worked behind it for the SolarWinds attack.

How to increase internet speed in 2021 (Fast method)

Are you also worried due to slow internet speed? Is your internet speed is also very slow and Do you wanna increase your internet speed? If you agree with all the above statements then not to worry we are here with some solutions and tips to increase internet Speed in 2021.

5 Best Apps to Download Instagram Photos and Videos 2021

One of the things missing in Instagram is that we can't download Instagram photos and videos. Not to worry we are here with an amazing article on 5 Best Apps to Download Instagram Photos and Videos 2021.

Microsoft Password Monitor Tool and Chrome New Password Protection is Here

The two of the browsers - Chrome and Microsoft Edge will now roll out a default feature that will now warn users if their passwords get leaked or have been compromised in any data breach.

Amitabh Bachchan voice as Corona Caller Tune removed After PIL Filed?

The voice of Amitabh Bacchan as Corona caller tune will not be heard as Corona caller tune which was meant as an awareness message to make people aware of the Pandemic. Reports say that the Amitabh Bacchan caller tune will removed.

How to make Pendrive bootable for Windows 10 using CMD?

Nowadays, Windows already comes pre-installed into your system, or either you have to purchase digital and download and install it in your install and install it on your own. If you are looking on How to make pendrive bootable for windows 10 using CMD. So, you are at right place.

WhatsApp says Users privacy won’t be affected if you don’t use these two features

Recently after the new privacy policy update of WhatsApp after February 8, they are facing a lot of backlash from the users regarding their privacy policy and users started to Boycott WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp says users privacy won't be affected if you don't use these two features.