Rohit Patil

I am a Student who has a knack for programming and Tech. I love to code and automate things that can be. I love tinkering with softwares and often use them uniquely.

Pixel 5a specifications leaked, here’s all you need to know

The Pixel Budget device that will be the successor to the Google Pixel 4a, Pixel 5a has surfaced with renders and specifications. Read On to know more about the device and its alleged specifications. The Pixel 5a’s renders as leaked by @OnLeaks on Voice The Pixel 5a is the successor of the Pixel 4a with ... Read more

Instagram restricts direct messaging between teens and adults for safer experiences

Instagram has been working on some updates that make it a safer place for teens to interact with adults that they have and haven’t followed. Read on to know more about the recent update on the platform that helps teens be safe and protect them from cyber harassment. Instgram is one the top social media ... Read more

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages in Testing with time limit of 24 Hour

Automatic deletion of messages has been a great feature in many social media platforms. It retains your privacy, helps reduce clutter, and keeps your chat clean. Read on to know more about how WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages are being tested in the latest beta version of WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp has been testing the Disappearing message feature ... Read more

WhatsApp Messenger Starts Reminding Users to Accept Updated Privacy Policy to Continue Using App

Due to its new privacy policy update, many of the users concerning about their privacy moved to other messaging platforms. Now WhatsApp has started reminding the users to accept the updated privacy policy.

Google Play Store now lets you share and receive updates from other devices.

The “Nearby Share” Functionality now lets you share apps installed from the Play Store. This means you can update an app on one device and then install it on another device. Read On to know more about the feature and how to use it. Google launched the nearby share feature just a short time ago. ... Read more

How to Check Internet Speed on Desktop PCs, Android and iOS?

In these challenging times, we are highly dependent on the Internet for all our needs. Shopping Online, Attending Meetings and lectures on Google meet or Zoom, Checking News to know about the happenings in the world, everything needs the Internet. But most of the time, we get low internet speeds or sometimes our devices don’t ... Read more

Legacy Edge Browser to be Uninstalled by Microsoft across all Windows 10 devices

With the launch of the new Chromium Based Edge Web browser, Microsoft is ending its support for the legacy version of the default browser that was installed in windows 10. All of this will be conducted by a cumulative update in April. The New Edge Browser has been gaining popularity since its release last year. ... Read more

Top 5 Best Coding Platforms where you can learn the best.

Are you a Computer Science Student or a hobbyist trying to learn to code? Then you surely must have come across the roadblock of finding places that provide you with material to learn. Read On to know about the top 5 Best coding platforms that will help you progress and prosper in your journey of ... Read more

Green Room in Google Meet lets you check periphal output.

The New Feature dubbed the ‘Green Room’, lets you check your Mic and Camera quality and settings before you enter the meet. Everyone has at least once in this pandemic joined a google meet and unexpected entered with a muted mic or a turned on camera. A quick preview before joining the meeting would have ... Read more

Google Search Will now provide additional data for result

Google Search has incorporated a new feature that will provide additional context to the search results for your typed keywords. The information will be provided by Wikipedia and Google itself. Google has incorporated a new menu button in the search results which will be shown beside the result in mobile view. The feature is in ... Read more