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Indian IT Firms Encounter The Third-Highest Number of Malware Attacks in The World

What is malware? A malware attack is a common cyberattack where malicious software executes unauthorized actions on the victim’s system. The malicious software (a.k.a. virus) can perform many specific types of attacks such as ransomware, spyware, command and control, and many more. Malware attacks Malware discussion typically encompasses three main aspects: Aim: Why malware is ... Read more

Why There is no Social Media Agency Works For Tesla?

Yes, we know why you are here. You are eager to know and analyze the smartest brain that works upon Tesla and its unique and social media influence. You might have a question that Why There is no Social Media Agency Works For Tesla.

Top 5 Home Cameras For Surveillance

The new technology wave of connecting home security cameras inside as well as outside own houses have become a new trend and have made lives easier to track. These cameras connect themselves to the home WiFi network to record videos, send alerts, stream live videos on your smartphone, and updates you accordingly. These security cameras ... Read more

Top 5 Free Web Hosting Services in India

The expense of setting up a new website is too hard with all the resources to manage with, test out, find bugs, customer satisfaction, and also to keep in mind the cost for running a website is too high nowadays. So, we have found out some best web hosting free services and got you covered ... Read more

10 Best Cartoon or Sketch making Software for PC

Cartoons or sketching make difficult (and boring) ideas more understandable.They cut through the clutter.They encourage people to participate.They make scary topics less threatening.They make you look more human.

How to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more with friends online

The pandemic is forcing many people to work from home. Many movie theaters are still closed right now. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus are around to help you pass the time. But the bad news is that you might still have to watch it alone. Sad to hear that? :( Is there any way to watch ... Read more

Top 5 Web Series to Watch Now

We all must have been all bored during the lockdown and stressed due to the workload of staying at home and tired of even sleeping. Students are also tired of their day to day stress of attending online classes and submitting assignments. But these OTT platforms and the film making directors and producers are never ... Read more

YouTube TV is now ‘YT TV’ on Android homescreens

Google’s YouTube TV has now and then is one of the most popular ways to stream traditional TV channels through the internet worldwide. A minor update to YouTube TV for Android today observes that Google changed the application name to “YT TV”. Additionally, YouTube TV’s app for Android TV is adding overdue support for the ... Read more

Spotify is Testing Stories For Playlists

Audio Streaming platform Spotify is currently introducing a new story-like feature on the app for both iOS and Android users. These stories are quite similar to the story feature provided by Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. It has quite a similar action for the story feature like the story pops up only. Famous singers like Kelly ... Read more

Artificial Intelligence Alone Can Add $500 Billion to The Economy: Google India

The economy totally changed during the pandemic situation. There is no part of the economy that did not suffer due to the pandemic, the same case arises for Google as well. While the markets fell during the pandemic, but Google’s market kept increasing with everything going online over the world, but moreover in India, because ... Read more