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    7 hours ago

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra VS iPhone 12 Pro Max

    Samsung recently launched its S series phones and the most powerful one is the Samsung…
    Tech News
    12 hours ago

    Google Calendar Offline Support, But Not For Everyone

    Google Calendar has released offline viewing support which was rolled back in 2018 after the…
    Tech News
    16 hours ago

    Honor V40 by Huawei gets Postponed to January 22

    The most popular and premium segment by Huawei called Honor recently tipped its latest series…
    Tech News
    2 days ago

    Huawei applies to register “Nova Watch” trademark for its upcoming smartwatch lineup

    On 11 January 2021, Chinese tech giant Huawei applies to register the “Nova Watch” trademark…
      1 week ago

      Move your WhatsApp group to signal

      Due to the change in WhatsApp privacy policy, the Signal app is on the top chart of both the App…
      1 week ago

      How to make Pendrive bootable for Windows 10 using CMD?

      Nowadays, Windows already comes pre-installed into your system, or either you have to purchase digital and download and install it…
      2 weeks ago

      How to Start a Petition on

      With an increase in the usage of the internet, Online Petition has become a trend with the smallest of issues…
      2 weeks ago

      How to Format a Pen Drive in Windows 7/8/10?

      Pen drives or rather flash drives are very important accessories at a present date in the field of IT. We…
      2 weeks ago

      How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux

      The new version of Kali Linux 2020.4 is out for pentesting lovers by Offensive Security with some cool and awesome…
      3 weeks ago

      How to embed other websites on your webpage?

      Hey ya, Web developers, there is always cool stuff you want to add to your website such as the given…
        2 weeks ago

        Whatsapp vs signal which is more privacy-focused and what data they collect

        Whatsapp updates the new privacy policy on 4th January has picked up a storm about data collection. WhatsApp will now…
        2 weeks ago

        Nissan Source Code Leaked From Git Server

        About 18 GB of Nissan North America Source Code leaked online from a misconfiguration Git Server. Moreover, The server was…
        3 weeks ago

        100 Million+ Credit, Debit Card Data Leaked; Posted on Darkweb

        Critical Credit and Debit Card information of over 100 million users leaked on the Darkweb. The data leaked through a…
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